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Fruit App, 2023

StoryScopes are public viewing telescopes that I developed that tell stories using augmented reality and sound. The device enables people to see stories in landscapes and bring environments to life with history and future visualisations.

From seeing history and imagination unfold before your eyes in mountains and the oceans, to visualising Urban development and enhancing landmarks, the storyscopes device is aiming to get people to learn more about their surroundings by combining the digital and physical world.

Using head tracking and games based interactions, users can also interact with the digital and physical content they see using the device, from playing games across cityscapes to engaging in interactive narratives. There’s also the ability to teleport into virtual world’s and see beyond the immediate environment

Installation options include single devices and multiple scopes to encourage exploration through stories, mysteries and interactivity.


We also have screen based (holographic) viewing options to enable a number of ways for groups to share the experience. There is also the option for the device to take micro-payments for revenue generation.

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