Research & Development Work

I'm interested in the way we can use emerging interactive and experiential technology to enhance people's relationship to public place. To do this I make digital-physical inventions & interventions that draw on several arts and technology disciplines.


My current research looks at Creative Technology, Interactive Media and Immersive Technology (interactive projection/screens, games engines, real-time data and sensor based media) as a tools for storytelling and experiences in public place. I am particularly interested in how the blending of the digital and physical world can help to positively transform our experience of places and connect us to things hidden all around us. 


Since 2017, I've mainly been developing this research at the University of Liverpool Research Centre for Architecture and the Visual Arts and at the Institute of Art and Technology at LJMU and with my collaborators at the Immersive StoryLab, which is an R&D collective of digital artists, performance artists and creative technologists.

From 2015-2018 I was mainly doing this work at the Manchester School of Digital Art. Between 2011-2015 much of my research work was located within the The Centre for Disruptive Media at Coventry University- where I worked on pioneering digital engagement projects in education, publishing, media archiving and digital storytelling.