Research & Development Work

Ever curious, I'm interested in the way we can use realtime immersive technology to enhance people's engagement with place, each other and our shared reality. In a world where so much technology takes us away, or fragments us, from the shared experience of where we are here and now.


I am focused on technology development and creative practice in my research, and carry out projects that lead to real cultural, industrial & commercial outcomes, inventions and applications. Working across hardware, software and content development in virtual production and mixed reality. I'm particularly interested in augmenting things by mixing the real and the virtual.

My current research work involves making work, interventions and inventions to encourage curiosity, wonder, enchantment, magic & playfulness in the world around us. To re-immersive and re-engage through augmented experiences and technology enhanced interactions in shared places. 


In order to do this I work with virtual production,augmented reality, games engines, real-time media, AI, XR, volumetric video, haptics, interactive media, projection mapping, sensor-based/data-based media, mobile, web, voice user interfaces, VR/MR headsets, voice and screen based media. Often combining disciplines including experience design, games, performing arts, film and storytelling.


Since 2017, I've mainly been developing this research at the University of Liverpool Research Centre for Architecture and the Visual Arts and at the Institute of Art and Technology at LJMU as well as through a number of externally funded R&D collaborations with companies, partners and organisations. 

From 2015-2018 I was mainly doing this work at the Manchester's SODA School of Digital Art. Between 2011-2015 much of my research work was located within the The Centre for Disruptive Media at Coventry University- where I worked on pioneering digital engagement projects in education, publishing, media archiving and digital storytelling.