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Sonic Sci-fi

AI and VUI Experiment, 2019

I've been absolutely fascinated with the potential of voice as an input for mediated experiences, particularly given that the voice activated speakers, such as Amazon’s Echo and Google Home, starting to become a feature in our smart homes. So when the chance came along to spend some time experimenting with a personalised narrative using Google Home we took it.

The potential of this for storytelling is pretty amazing we think, enabling stories to dynamically adapt to the people and contexts around them. Taken a little further, perhaps it could even start interacting with other features in the smart home such as dimming the lights, turning the telly on, flushing the toilet or even ordering you a pizza as part of a narrative. This is super exciting we think.


Anyway, here’s a little sample of a short interaction that uses personalised and contextualised responses that we are developing as part of some of our R&D prototypes in development this year. Exciting times.

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