Immersive Experience R&D, 2019

This project, funded by the AHRC, proposes developing new partnership between the Centre of Architecture and the Visual Arts (CAVA), the Experimental Technologies LAB (ETL), Aardman Animation, China Media Capital (CMC) and the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) that is the basis for a new alliance between the UK and CCI/Media organisations in the Shanghai region. The aim of this a research/industry partnership is to collaborate on a unique, location-based, mixed reality immersive experience in a specially designed theatre in Shanghai.  

"Shaun the Sheep" is already a global entertainment brand known principally for its linear, animated, non-dialogue content (movies; TV series). This project will therefore focus on technical, creative and business innovation rather than on audience acquisition. It will also put Aardman  at the forefront of developing innovation, new methods, new knowledge and, through creating new audiences, access to a new market. 

In terms of technological innovation, the team will seek a collaboration with partners in the UK and China. By using mixed reality technology (e.g. holograms tracked by computer vision), the project envisions to blur the traditional boundaries between the screen, theatre and cinema space, creating a new "narrative space" in which audiences are part of and feel fully immersed.