Remote Immersion , 2020

Bring your remote audience, employees, clients, or performers, into an immersive stage with multiple camera angles.

So many applications for this realtime tool across theatre, music, sport, esports, business, conferences streaming and events right now....

You can bring all your video participants in to become part of the show or meeting together, all they have to do is dial in.

Just Imagine


- Performing Live Plays or Concerts with a remote cast and crew

- Sharing your stage with your remote audience in a music performance

- More creative ways to put TV interviews together on broadcast tv

- Bringing everyone together into a 3d or 2d design

- Your video conference on a construction project to take place inside a BIM model of that construction?

- A gamified team building meeting

- Discussing a condition assessment of an oil platform or a power station? Be there - explore it as you talk.

- You can also bring in other content and interactions such as live 360 video and anything you can imagine that works in a game engine


Transport your conversation to whatever world you want.

Made in collaboration with Dr Robert Black