Augmented Reality R&D, 2019

Our seas tell many tales.

Imagine taking a ferry or cruise and seeing the past coming alive around you: viking battles in the Irish Sea, a shark circling the boat, Odysseus fighting a sea monster, the Titanic hitting an Iceberg, a giant statue appearing from a long lost civilisation, a ghost ship slowly gliding past you, a WWII battle in the skies. Imagine being able to find out and connect to the stories of famous landmarks as you drift by port as you participate in augmented games, stories and shared adventures that help you pass the time and connect you to the journey and the people around you. Not only would this provide a wonderfully unexpected diversion on the journey but also a way to highlight landmarks that often go unnoticed by passengers as they come in to land, representing a new opportunity to connect passengers to media content and advertising.

Maritime AR: The Oddysey was a 3 month design foundations industrial research project that I led between Immersive StoryLab, Meyouandus, LJMU and Maritime Industry stakeholders. It resulted in the development of several reports and new design/prototype for putting Augmented Reality systems in the sea, with a platform aimed at passengers on cruise ships and boats.

The location triggered content can be viewed in a number of ways, through mobile devices, on board portholes and special customised viewers that connect people to the stories and the facts about their surroundings.

The work will be presented to an international audience of boat designers and researchers at the International Marine Design Conference, Cadiz, Spain 2020

Maritime AR Report