Immersive Inventions ,2020

We wanted to imagine a more shared way of viewing augmented reality worlds...

Introducing the Wonderbeam.

A social augmented reality device, that lets you share your #ar and #mixedreality worlds with your friends, family, colleagues and connections.


Just imagine playing ghostbusters with friends in the streets of New York City or discovering the magic of a museum through a new way of engaging with static content as you move through space.


Imagine showing architectural/BIM plans on a construction project in progress or improving work productivity with the assistance of digital visual and sonic content.


Imagine learning and spending time with children in a magical new spatial way and new forms of active home and location based entertainment....


We think wonderbeam has a load of practical and magical possibilities for the world.

6 degrees of freedom, spatially aware, interactive controls, interactive feedback and image recognition. All working in a little portable projection device that understands its surroundings. Even better with 5G too.

Developed with Dr Mark WrightDr Robert Black and my 4 year old boy. Characters in the demo created by
Rich Webberar

If you are interested in getting involved in in this project, or helping us to raise investment to bring it to market, you can contact me on Linkedin