Intelligent Real-Time Data - INNOVATE UK PROJECT

Design Research, 2017

SPARK COMPASS UK and CAVA have won the Innovate UK's first "Design Foundation" competition to develop leading-edge urban screen innovation.

The Spark Compass platform™ manages data from user devices, wearables and sensors networks, enabling the delivery of smart content. This is done by analysing data patterns, setting specific rules and combining existing data sources. Powerful analytics on collected performance data, real-time behavior and actions provide granular visibility in a centralised platform.

Using trans-disciplinary design principles developed by Prof Koeck and Dr Kocaturk, the team of researchers, including myself, worked on a research project and report called "intelligent, real-time, hyper-local screen-based OoH marketing" with the aim to innovate new ideas that ultimately could transform interactions between people and urban screens and mobile devices.


Outcomes included a report and several design innovations.