Immersive Cultural Heritage

Teaching, 2020

This semester, our awesome students on the MA Immersive Arts, along with collaborators on the MA Creative Technology, MA Arts in Science and MA Graphic Design, are working with the World Museum Liverpool , part of National Museums Liverpool, to re-imagine the collections through immersive and interactive technology.

Over the course of 12 weeks, students are working in the museum on a number of prototypes that involve holographic displays, virtual reality, augmented reality and touch screen interfaces to come up with novel ideas for how young people can engage with the 'World Cultures' collection in the museum.


They are using a number of techniques including games, 3d design, photogrammetry, volumetric capture and working with other software to create interactive environments and content.

Using 'scratch' methodologies to experiment and test their ideas directly with the audiences that visit everyday. This project is part of the World Museum Where Next initiative (#wmwherenext) that is rethinking an entire floor of the museum to make it more engaging, disruptive, experimental and experiential.