Creative Tech in the Future High Street

Creative Practice Research Work, 2019

In partnership with Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council (KMBC), Liverpool Screen School (LSS), Liverpool School of Art and Design (LSAD) and the Faculty of Engineering and Computing (FEC) at LJMU, this Practice-based research project will focus on looking at how creative technologies can contribute to reversing the decline of the high street.


Focusing on the town centre of Huyton, and working alongside key teams in KMBC (Culture, IT, Development and Communities Team), the project will research and develop creative interventions that put technology at the heart of regeneration and placemaking. It will explore and test the use of the creative applications of interactive media and immersive  technologies (AR, Mixed Reality, Sensor-based Media) with the aim of enhancing place and community through innovative approaches to the use of emerging platforms.  


Many of the UK's high streets are in a similar situation to Huyton, needing to urgently address new approaches to creating community and experiences that will encourage significant improvements in footfall, community building and economic activity.