Accident and Emergency

VR Training Projects, 2017

I've have recently been working with Realspace and the Liverpool School of Medicine, to develop an immersive project for for medical training. Filming a number of multi-camera scenarios, including using a high end stereoscopic camera called the Nokia Ozo, to test out the benefits of 360 degree video training for doctors learning about procedures in high pressure environments.

The research challenge is to see how doctors deal with multiple information inputs and distractions whilst working and the scenarios that have been developed include diagnostics, emergencies as well as some of the practical and pastoral care issues that doctors face as they go about their practice.

We then edited this into a VR app (for Samsung Gear Headsets) with a user interface, alongside supporting the development of a 360 interactive learning resource.

VR has a number of benefits for the training of health professionals, including providing cost effective simulations that really enable learners to experience a situation in context. We’re looking forward to developing more projects in this area…